Karis Calan

Numenera - Tragic Hero


Karis Calan
Armor: 3
Tough Nano who Fuses Flesh and Steel
– Psionics Training (Expanded Via Modifications)

Might: 16
- Edge 0
Speed: 12
- Edge 0
Intellect: 16
- Edge 1

- Light Weapon Proficiency
- 3 Cyphers max
- +1 to points gained from recovery rolls

- Numenera identification and understanding (Trained)
- Might Defense actions

- Clothing
- 4 shins
- Dagger x2

- Onslaught
- Ward

Future Advancement:
- Lower armor costs (Skill Advancement)


Karis is a character deeply integrated with the party. He starts with one person in the party knowing his true, cyborg, nature. The difficulty for Karis is that this person in the party is the ONLY one who knows this… including Karis himself.
Karis and this party member worked together quite often and are good friends. On a previous adventure, Karis was captured and experimented on due to his psychic power. His friend was able to break him out, but not before irreparable harm was done. Karis’ mind fractured. He has deeply repressed the memories of the experiment, not only due to the trauma of the event but also due to some not-quite-complete cybernetics in his brain. Due to this and all of Karis’ implants being subcutaneous, He remembers none of the adventure.
This other party member has tried before to make Karis remember. When Karis does, he essentially short circuits. His body essentially “realizes” that it has machine parts and begins rejecting them. This can also cause horrifying flashbacks during which Karis has attempted to remove his own circuitry in panic.
Due to this, the other party member, who should be mechanically inclined, has programmed Karis with a code phrase that deactivates him. This along with systematic short-term memory wipes help to keep Karis sane and well repaired.

Karis’ modifications are not without upside, however. Karis’ psychic powers have been amplified nearly threefold. He is faster and stronger than he would have been normally, and he can take significant punishment, especially for a Nano.

Note: Due to Tier 3 Fuses Flesh and Steel, Karis should deal with his issues to at least be able to accept what he is by that time. Otherwise, speak with the DM about how to handle it.

Karis is extremely personable and optimistic. He is fiercely loyal, and has a passing knowledge of the nanotech that surrounds him. While others may be fearful of hearing a Nano is coming by, Karis is almost always able to get them to at least not mind his presence. Karis’ goals are to help his comrades and to discover as much as he can about the world around him.

Karis Calan

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